Seeing how things move forward, not halting or not even slowing down

I sense each page being written on each day since almost 5 months ago

Words flow, feelings come and go –  the dominant ones get buried a little deep down – all because of the longing to move on and forget

Did it really matter to me? Yes of course. I would’ve wanted it to last longer. Was I afraid? I  am until now. So what now? I am just stuck. Lost cause. Late realisations.

Too afraid; too much of a risk; too much fun or worrisome for  it could just be for fun

Red flags, my friends pointed out.

I heard most of them say. “No, just get over it.” Very few said “Do what makes you happy.”

If I could just choose the latter, I would have run back and taken the risk for happiness.

I wanted to believe I saw something more if only I was too comfortable taking risks.

I wanted to hold on to that glimpse of goodness or that glimmer of hope though months have gone.

I wished there was a lot more and not deafening silence and an empty inbox.



Today, I am embracing openness, admitting that I have played all my cards. Had I won or lost I wouldn’t know yet?

All I know is that, in the grand scheme of things, everything works together for good.